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History of Bull's Ranch

History of Bull's Ranch

Raising Cattle stress-free

Raising Cattle stress-free

Bull's Ranch was established in 2007 when we began our herd of 100% grass fed cattle with 6 young black Galloway/Angus heifers. As we worked to raise our cattle as closely as nature intended, we added our pure blood red Galloway bull and two black pure blood Galloway cows. Galloway cattle are a true heritage breed, one of the oldest breeds that originated in the green grass hills of Scotland.

They are naturally superior for a grass fed operation, while remaining true to their origins without genetic modification.

We have continued growing our small herd from these cattle.

Our cattle farming began in Watertown Wisconsin, but as our herd grew and we were considering retirement from our "away from the farm" jobs; we began looking for a larger farm.

We were drawn to the southwestern part of our state, in the unique driftless area. We had barely began our search when we found our ridge top farm in the rural township of Willow in Richland county, little piece of God's heaven on earth at the end of a dead end road...peaceful, secluded, beautiful!

We moved in mid summer of 2017, becoming full time farmers.

We have put up lots of fencing, cut, rake and bale our own hay, move cattle, feed cattle, and enjoy cattle!

We are a small independent farm, raising healthy cattle.


Raising Cattle stress-free

Raising Cattle stress-free

Raising Cattle stress-free

All of our cattle are born on our farm. They are raised their entire lives on our chemical free pastures, grazing on our 100% organically grown hay. We never finish them off with any grains, protein tubs, silage or other forced and/or unnatural feed. We practice holistic, sustainable farming for the wellness of our animals. We never use toxic sprays for fertilizing or weed control on our land, believing that there is more harm in utilizing these unnatural practices for both our cattle and ourselves.We follow organic practices, plus going the extra step to insure as clean of beef as possible. We never use toxic pour-ons for parasite or fly control, instead relying on natural methods for keeping our beef cattle chemical free and needle free.We utilize herbal remedies and essential oils for healthy care, and homeopathy treatment over antibiotics. Cattle that are raised in open, clean, natural environments tend have very few health problems, unlike cattle raised in CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations). We know exactly what our animals have been fed and exposed to their whole life. I can absolutely guarantee you of getting clean safe beef from our farm. In today's highly toxic chemical environment, we have concerns of cancers, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, asthmas, ADHD, and many other diseases that seem to affect so many people.

We are committed to be as wholesome and holistic as possible. After all, the old saying "you are what you eat" has a lot of value here.

Let your food be your medicine less medicine be your food!


Real grass fed Beef!

Raising Cattle stress-free

Real grass fed Beef!

You can taste the difference in our beef from the first bite - flavorful, clean, natural!

 This is how beef used to be raised, over years not months. Grass fed cattle have more complex beef flavors that you will never find in "grocery store"  CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) beef.

Grass fed beef is naturally lean with much less fat and...contrary to beliefs that you have to have fat for flavor...amazing taste!

We know grains are not a natural feed for any cattle, creating digestive upsets that typically require antibiotics. Cattle have four rumens, so keeping these working normally keep cattle happy and healthy.

Grains are routinely fed to fatten up cattle and have them market ready in 13-14 months. 

Our cattle are raised only on our pastures and our hay.

They are raised for 24 months to three years for the best grass fed beef. It's worth the wait to raise grass fed beef the right way.

We keep a closed farm, to reduce exposure of our cattle to disease and stress.

We are very pleased to utilize Prem Meats Natural Harvest "on the farm" butchering. The Wisconsin state inspector who accompanies them, supervises the complete process.

 Keeping the cattle calm and in their familiar setting makes harvesting day best for all of us. 

Bull's Willow Ranch

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