Buying Bull's Ranch Beef

Current Beef Prices

2019 Prices 

25 pound Variety Box $200

Includes 10 pounds of lean ground beef in one pound chubs, two ribeye steaks, two strip steaks, one or two sirloin steaks, two chuck roasts and one rump or sirloin roast, one package stew meat.

Cuts may vary at times.

Please contact for Availability

Currently sold out

Lean Ground Beef $6 pound

N0 minimum to purchase

Ribeye steaks $18 pound

some boneless, some bone in

Tenderloin medallions $22 pound

individual filets

Sirloin, flank, skirt $12 pound

Flank and skirt when available

T-Bones $16 pound

Chuck Roasts $8 pound

Rump Roasts $9 pound

Sirloin tip Roasts $9.50 pound

Ground Sirloin $8 pound

Stew Meat $8 pound

Round Steaks $8 pound

Liver $3 pound

Bare bones $2 pound

Call for availability

Where to Buy Bull's Ranch Beef

Bull's Ranch is thrilled to be selling our wonderful 100% Grass fed and 100% grass finished predominantly Galloway Beef at the fabulous Dane County Farmer's Market!

It's that time of year, and we will outside on the beautiful Capitol square on Saturdays from early morning to mid day!

Bull's Ranch will be along the corner of Mifflin and Wisconsin, watch for my forest green canopy with the Bull's Ranch banner logo!

It's now prime season, there are lots of  vendors, so you can buy a great variety of Wisconsin's a fabulous time to explore our state's capitol!

As always, you can make arrangements to stop out at the farm and pick up your grass fed beef. I'm available by appointment only, so just give us a call, text, or email!

Most days/time are possible!